We built a culture for brands to get known and be great at it.

VibingBrands connects our leading brands of original products and services through On-Air (Web, Radio & TV); On-digital platforms and exclusive media consultancy/engagement  – through these platforms combined, we entertain, impact and share a culture for million of individuals across the global to Get Known!


VibingLIVE provides a network of 5 curated audio listening streams to enjoy non-stop play.

VibingLIVE ensures you  enjoy party music on unarguably new station music format of DJ mix. Vibing plays about 50 songs every hour, the average radio station plays 24 songs in 60 minutes.

VibingLIVE can be streamed on over 40 websites and app platforms in over 100 cities… Abuja, Lagos, New York , London, Washington, Berlin… 

We created a vibing experience, expression and music for you – 

El-Effizy, Brand Growth team


profit republic

Profit Republic is a sponsored video streaming platform for Africa's entrepreneurs

 We are spending time with young businesses in Africa, helping them to advance their creativity and commitment to development of dreams and continent through our scholarship video collections.


We get the best minds to share their experience on building an entrepreneurial mind for a new generation of young business leaders. 

Femi D, Co-Founder, Profit Republic (femid@vibingbrands.org)

A brand media plan provides premium exposure and engagement for brands on multiple platform...

Its tough! We know and agree… creating awareness of your brand on limited resources. We can prepare a smart plan for you. 

We have a network of media planners on over 500 radio stations; 100 TV stations, 50 publishing platforms and digital media to engage millions on the GO!

quickresponse@vibingbrands.org (here)

The best way is to make sure your brand shows up as expected (when, where & how) really matters.

Thompson, Media Plan


Statesman Idea

Statesman Idea is a thought provoking conversation on future of democracy as connection of ideas that are responsive to realities of governance. 

What ideas do you think can transform you?

quickresponse@vibingbrands.org (here)

Young people are leading ideas that are changing democracies.

Enobong, Events