50 Partner DJs play on VibingLIVE network

Playing non-stop premium takes the creativity and consistency of absolutely committed people. Our VibingLIVE DJs bring on new dimensions of great listening with their music collection from across Africa to keep your day vibing. 

VibingLIVE launched its music service in 2020 to provide leading entertainment with a restricted space. We wanted everyone connected to understand to have a style of music that you can vibe too was a premium need no matter where you were in the world.  

Founder of VibingLIVE, Femi D Amele believed that ‘…even though the world is in a lockdown, we cannot be locked away from living-the-life of style and fun‘. 

Lead DJ of VibingLIVE, DJ Proo says’ .. when Femi he was creating a music stream of DJs, it felt right and I felt we final had the global attention to play beyond clubs and restricted spaces… we craft belonged to the world and so we needed a place to share it beyond a schedule or stop button

Today, VibingLIVE has a network of  of 50 resourceful and brilliant DJ playmakers from top African countries that have brought on new vibe enjoyed all over the world.

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